Adult Iteractions

So I’ve been an adult officially for about a year now and its been weird as fuck. One thing I noticed really early on in my adulthood was how adults acknowledge each other with head nods. Have you noticed that, whenever you make eye contact with a fellow adult the instinct is just to nod and continue with what you were doing. Maybe it’s just me I don’t know. As adults we’re supposed to have developed social skills, but everyone’s skill sets are always different. I think the biggest difference at least for me between interacting as a teenager versus interacting as an adult is that as an adult you are independent and can speak as your own person. A lot of interactions that teenagers have are in group settings, which alters the thoughts of the individuals and turns them into one general idea I guess I could say. To sum up the concept I think once you become an adult and interact with other adults everything you say or do starts to define YOU as a person, because they’re all your own thoughts. I hope that made enough sense for you guys to understand where I;m coming from, but anyways thanks for reading. Stay alert and stay safe everyone.


Author: kinggilalfau

Im just another person trying to build a life that I love. To enjoy life having love for someone or something is the most important factor. I feel myself gradually getting their but there are a lot of things I have yet to discover about my self. Im exited to take anyone that is interested along with me on my journey and in doing so help inspire others.

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