So some of you may know this already but just this past weekend I turned nineteen, and now I’m sitting here in front of my laptop and not much has changed except for the fact that I’ve now experienced what spending too much money on one drink is like. This entire weekend I was really trying to summarize my thoughts around birthdays and what they are, and what they mean to me. After all the time I spent thinking and pondering on the subject I’ve realized a few things. Even though as we get older we may not get as excited for our birthdays like we did as children, but when our birthdays roll around all we want is to feel special by getting a little bit more attention than usual. Which makes sense though because society has built an entire industry around birthdays and other similar types of events. We all think that there are things that we have to do or that we’re supposed to do when it’s our birthdays. Which isn’t true, birthdays are just a day where you get to look back on yourself and see how far you’ve progressed. Essentially see what you have done in a years time. As humans, we’re fortunate to be able to live as many years as we do and this should be taken advantage of. Give yourself a reason to celebrate on your birthday every year because if you don’t then it’s just another day. Potentially a sad one at that.


Author: kinggilalfau

Im just another person trying to build a life that I love. To enjoy life having love for someone or something is the most important factor. I feel myself gradually getting their but there are a lot of things I have yet to discover about my self. Im exited to take anyone that is interested along with me on my journey and in doing so help inspire others.

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