Youth & Money?

As a young adult, one of the biggest challenges I face is learning how to be responsible with money. I don’t know how to do this, I’ve never had my own money before or things to pay for. As a kid, if you wanted to do something it would go one of both ways, either your parents would give you money to go to what you wanted or it was time to get creative and have fun for four hours with whatever you had in your garage. So here’s the dilemma now, I’m still young and want to do things but my parents no longer give me money for that (which isn’t expected), but having ”garage fun” isn’t really a thing at my age or even that much of a thing for kids in 2017. Everyone at my age is always wanting to go out and do things, whereas most things cost money now. Now we face a decision of whether or not we want to use the money to enjoy being young or try to save it in hopes of eventually making more money for our futures. Like everything else in life, the solution is to have the right balance of both. I guess balancing your money is easier said than done but one step I am going to take in attempts to have a better balance is finding out what I want to support with my money, and only spend my money on products and other things that I support. That’s how I plan on saving a little bit more money, how do you save your money? Do you have any fun activities that don’t cost any money? Let me know, comment below or reach me at any of my social media links that should be to the right of this article. Thanks have a great day!


My First Night Out

So my birthday always falls on May long weekend which is a great time for a birthday. This year was my nineteenth making me of age to drink, So the normal thing to do when you turn nineteen is to go out to the bars. May long weekend is one of the most popular time of the year to go camping so the bars were dead. I didn’t end up going to the bar for my birthday, but a few days after my curiosity got to me so a few of my friends took me out. When I first arrived everything was pretty much how I had imagined it would be, loud, a lot of people, and I knew it was going to have a distinct smell.  Amongst all that, there were many pretty ladies, and you know how I feel about pretty girls. But that night was a little different, had a few drinks in me and was definitely prepared to mingle a little bit. The thing is at the bar there’s no talking, no only yelling in each other’s ears. I got over that pretty quick. The second half of the night was spent at a strip club/bar, and my goodness was I ever confused. When I walked in there I was having trouble identifying my emotions. I spent maybe an hour there and just couldn’t understand what I was seeing or where I was. So all in all the bar experience was good just strange. I don’t plan on spending too much money or time there, but it’s definitely a place where wild thing can and do happen.


So some of you may know this already but just this past weekend I turned nineteen, and now I’m sitting here in front of my laptop and not much has changed except for the fact that I’ve now experienced what spending too much money on one drink is like. This entire weekend I was really trying to summarize my thoughts around birthdays and what they are, and what they mean to me. After all the time I spent thinking and pondering on the subject I’ve realized a few things. Even though as we get older we may not get as excited for our birthdays like we did as children, but when our birthdays roll around all we want is to feel special by getting a little bit more attention than usual. Which makes sense though because society has built an entire industry around birthdays and other similar types of events. We all think that there are things that we have to do or that we’re supposed to do when it’s our birthdays. Which isn’t true, birthdays are just a day where you get to look back on yourself and see how far you’ve progressed. Essentially see what you have done in a years time. As humans, we’re fortunate to be able to live as many years as we do and this should be taken advantage of. Give yourself a reason to celebrate on your birthday every year because if you don’t then it’s just another day. Potentially a sad one at that.

Another One About Girls

Hey so you guys know I really don’t know how I feel about life yet right, cool. Well right now is a great example of this because I don’t exactly know what I’m feeling I just know that I’m really feeling something. Okay so I don’t talk to guys about girls as much as they’re my mind, I don’t know why it’s just such a weird subject for me. The reason girls are on my mind so much is the fact that I know I really, really love one. I don’t know a lot of things about this life or even about myself for that matter, but one thing I know for sure is that I know I love this girl. The crazy part is I don’t know who she is yet.  I thought I did but at this point I’m pretty sure I was wrong, which I’m okay with. I just get super duper confused around girls, that’s it. But no worries girl I’m confident I’ll find you, then when I do you’ll help me make sense of this place and maybe even help me figure out what I’m supposed to be doing here.


I want to start this one off by letting you guys know that I’m writing this outside enjoying the sun having a drink and overall just feeling good but more importantly inspired. Inspiration is so important, everything you do is inspired by something wether you know it or not. My best friend put it in the best terms when he said ” you have to go out and live life to get inspired, because if you don’t find inspiration somewhere in life you’ll never do anything” that really made a lot of sense to me. The best part about inspiration is that you don’t get to choose what inspires you, it just kind of finds you. All you have to do then is except it. I count myself as very lucky because I have someone in my life that inspires me everyday, and working with him makes me a lot more exited about life. Inspiration is everywhere just find out what it is for you and embrace the fuck out of it. To wrap this one up I want to thank all of you for inspiring me to continue writing simply by reading what I write, and I also want to give a huge thank you to the person that inspired this post. You know you you are brother man, love you hommie.

Adult Iteractions

So I’ve been an adult officially for about a year now and its been weird as fuck. One thing I noticed really early on in my adulthood was how adults acknowledge each other with head nods. Have you noticed that, whenever you make eye contact with a fellow adult the instinct is just to nod and continue with what you were doing. Maybe it’s just me I don’t know. As adults we’re supposed to have developed social skills, but everyone’s skill sets are always different. I think the biggest difference at least for me between interacting as a teenager versus interacting as an adult is that as an adult you are independent and can speak as your own person. A lot of interactions that teenagers have are in group settings, which alters the thoughts of the individuals and turns them into one general idea I guess I could say. To sum up the concept I think once you become an adult and interact with other adults everything you say or do starts to define YOU as a person, because they’re all your own thoughts. I hope that made enough sense for you guys to understand where I;m coming from, but anyways thanks for reading. Stay alert and stay safe everyone.

Someone To Talk To

I love people, well for the most part. I love how different everybody is and all the different things they can offer to the world. What interest me the most about people is how they choose to interact and bond with others. Something that’s been on my mind a lot lately is self disclosure. To self disclose means to open up and share a personal detail of yourself with someone else, this is how relationships begin and grow. Recently I’ve also learnt the importance of having someone to talk to and having an output for your thoughts. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this it’s just been on my mind lately and I wanted to fill you guys in because I want to build a relationship with my readers. Therefore I will do my best to self disclose myself with you always because I appreciate you guys being my someone to talk to.