Just Simply Doing

Hey everyone hope all is well. So Ill assume you read the title of this post but if not feel free to look up now and do so. All good? cool, so I’m fairly new to the world of “doing” but so far it’s treating me well. What I mean when I say doing is just being productive in my own way. One thing I’ve noted from being a do-er is that the world really brightens up, and I myself seem to be a lot more exited about life. You see I went through a time not to long ago where I found myself hating more things in life than I liked, and that really sucked. The one day I realized we live in a time where opportunity is LITERALLY in the air, so I made the decision to try and take advantage of that and became a do-er. Since that decision was made yeah there are a few more items on the to do list everyday. But because I can look back at then end of most days and say I sincerely enjoyed what I did that day, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Once again thank you for reading I appreciate all of you.



So I’m sitting here in my bed thinking about what to write about when I realized I haven’t told you guys about one of my favourite parts of life, fashion. My interest in fashion really started once I got to high school. In high school everything is a little bit more publicized I guess I could say and I started to take a lot of pride in the outfits I was putting together, which I still do today. Since then Ive always found it really cool that I was able to wear my feelings in a sense. Clothes was how I first leaned to express myself. My interest in fashion grew bigger and bigger which drove me to start designing and sewing my own pieces. No matter what I strive to always be the best dressed in my own terms, because fashion is subjective but that’s what makes it so great. There are so many styles out there to pick and choose bits and pieces of to throw them al together into mash up of your own style. Find trends from past, present, or even future if you’re a genius and make them you’re own. Most importantly though make sure your always comfortable in what you’re wearing and remember to have fun when you’re getting dressed in the morning! As always thanks for reading and enjoy life.

Hey King, How You Feeling?

Good day everyone I hope all is well. Summertime is now upon me and yeah it’s exiting but this summer isn’t going to be like any other summer I’ve had. I’m grown up enough now and my responsibilities have finally outweighed well everything. Things are no longer changing in my life, now life’s officially much different. Which puts me in a weird space where I guess overall I’m just confused. Lately identifying my emotions has been somewhat of a struggle. Being aware of this has made me start to think about solutions to this problem. I finally realized that it comes down to being honest with yourself about what you’re feeling in any situation. And by that I mean don’t worry about anyone or anything for a moment and tell yourself how you feel. It is too easy to get distracted and run far away from what you’re actually feeling. It’s time for me to start always being honest with myself about my emotions before I start getting swept away and further confused by other peoples feelings.


So I just recently started putting myself out on the internet vloging and bloging, and so far it`s been great. Yeah it`s a few more things on the to do list everyday but that`s a good thing because I`m being productive and doing things that I like to do, it`s a two birds one stone kind of situation. I`m currently 18 years old and will be turning 19 shortly. So right now I have enough life to look back on and see how much I have already progressed while still having so much time to continue to do things and further progress. It`s very exiting and also a little bit scary. Since I started being more productive and producing original content on some of the great platforms 2017 has to offer, tracking my progression has become something I look forward to everyday. I started doing all this with hopes that it would help me figure myself out a bit more, and so far it`s been working. I`m definitely feeling a lot more confidence in myself and I`m also supper exited to see more progression in my self esteem as I continue to unwrap myself on the internet. As always thanks to all my readers and until next time stay alert and stay safe.


Hey everybody as usual I hope all is well, I’m currently at work right now and I’m not doing to much so I thought Id use my time productively and give you guys something to read. Since I’m at work right now I figured it would be appropriate to let you guys know what my work experiences have been and how I’ve felt about them individual and how I feel just about jobs in general. So the first job I had was actually a pretty sweet gig looking back on it. I worked outside at a garden center for one of my local grocery stores. Since that position was only seasonal I was fortunate enough that when the summer was over they had a position for me as a grocery clerk inside the store. So i did that for a few months and didn’t really think much of it at the time, it was just a paycheck every week which was nice. Then like always things change and my fifteen hours a week slowly made it’s way down to four hours a week. At that time I knew it was time for me to make a move. Ironically I ended up at the other local grocery store but this time in the deli department. For about two weeks I was actually working for both grocery stores which didn’t last long because they’re competitors and one of my boss’ at the time put a stop to that as soon as he found out, but whatever I wasn’t mad. So there I was working in the deli slicing up sandwich meat for old people and moms and it was pretty fun for a while believe it or not. This was the first job I had where I was working with other people in sort of a team effort kind of environment. I had some cool co-workers and a good environment to be able to just talk, make jokes, and have fun. Well when the boss lady wasn’t around anyways. So far I spent the most amount of time at the deli than any other job. The problem with that job was the management. Our manager was way to out of control and although she made it out to seem like she treated her staff properly, but she didn’t. Because of her I can’t even look at grocery store rotisserie chickens anymore and probably won’t ever eat one again. But that’s a different story in itself. Also though at the deli was the only place Iv’e ever worked where the manager hired people with intent to fire them. So yeah I hope that kind of puts things into perspective for you. Anyways once I got tired of that job I landed myself a what has been a great job so far at a shoe store called Journeys. I got hired there seasonally for their Christmas rush along with four other seasonal employees. The managers there are awesome, I mean literally two of the best people I’ve met and when they hired all of the seasonal employees they had planned to take to of them and make the official part timers. I had never been so happy with a job before so I worked my ass off for them to make sure I was going to guarantee myself a spot in their store, which I did. Which brings us to the present where I’m currently working at Journeys and in the pro shop at a golf course near by my residence. So to sum things up I think I’ve worked enough part time jobs to know how they work and the types of relationships that are made at work. I don’t think I can say that I’ve ever really hated my job which I guess is a good thing, but at the end of the day they were all jobs where I was in a position to take orders from others.  And I get that’s how jobs work I just want to work hard enough to be independent and self sufficient. It’s also 2017 so I really don’t have any  excuses to not do it. I know that if I can avoid working a 9-5 I will and hopefully be happy because of it. As always thank you for reading I’m sorry this post was a bit long and dry but that’s exactly how my day is going here so I’m glad there’s an accurate reflection. Until next time my friends.

Pretty Girls

Damn, there are so many pretty girls now I don’t know what to do. You know how in all high school movies or just romantic movies the girl always seems very confused and worried as to how the guy feels about her. Well Im a guy who is very confused about girls. Ive come to the conclusion that Im a hopeless romantic which is cool I guess. My problem with that is, Im always romanticizing what kind of girl would fit my life. Then as life continues on I meet a pretty girl that kind of matches the description I had in my head, if that makes any sense. Once I meet a girl like this I can’t get them out of my head. Im just constantly wondering if maybe we were on the same page when we were socializing or maybe we were in totally different books, I can never tell. The reason I chose to write about this tonight is because I recently met one of those girls. And like I said she only leaves my mind for moments until she comes right back. Its crazy because I have plenty of opportunities to act on this, shit I could have slid in to her DM’s too many times by now. Im just going to let life do its thing and hopefully something good will happen for me in the uncontrollable world of love. Well thanks once again to everyone who read this I really appreciate you! And to the girl who inspired this post, what really made you stick in my mind was when I played some Mrs. Lauryn Hill and you sang every word.

A Lot Of Time Summarized

Hey everyone I hope you’re all doing well. So Im just going to jump right into it to today.  Last Tuesday night I set off on a trip that was going to be very irregular for me. Me and Cal went down to Toronto and Ive been there many times before, but this time we had both only packed a backpacks worth of items along with our penny boards, and a very good water bottle. Of corse we planned this trip out but even though we planned it we had no idea what to expect mostly because accommodation plans was to Couchsurf. For those of you who don’t know what Cochsurfing is it’s a social media platform that allows for you to communicate with people around the world who are willing to host travellers at they’re homes, for free! So before the trip Caleb (Cal) got in contact with a man from Toronto named Kevin who was willing to host us for a few nights. Kevin a man neither of us had ever met before was our arrangements for a place to sleep, naturally it was little nerve racking at first. Couchsurfing to me though is kind of like a mutual agreement between two parties who both put they’re faith in humanity. And that’s what it ended up being. Kevin was so thoughtful that the first night we arrived he had a vegetarian meal prepared for us, even though none of us are vegetarian he just didn’t want us to not be able to eat. Great first impression. But because we had such an eventful day we were quite pooched and passed out in our sleeping accommodations early enough and didn’t get to hang out with Kevin as much as we would have liked to. The good news was we woke up the next morning, and after that I felt very comfortable with the whole situation. From then on it was smooth sailing and we went on to enjoy the festivities that were going on in the city at the time as well as of course some good food, and just good company. I have been very fortunate in my life to have been able to travel as much as I have but I think I can honestly say that this trip being the most minimalistic trip Ive ever taken has also been the most successful. I really had to open my mind up to allow this trip to be successful and in doing so I might have even discovered a little bit more of who I am. Anyways thanks to everyone for reading I really appreciate all of you! And also shout out to white Nathan from basketball class who almost threw down a 360 dunk at the last Capreol ball outing, good try though!