So if you guys haven’t figured it out yet, I’m in a really weird  place in my life. I really don’t know what is what. One thing I know right now is ow much I love love. Yes I believe that there is a person out there for everyone. Does everyone meet the person they’re supposed to be with? Of course not. But I strongly believe that it’s a possibility, and that if it happens you’ll know. Once upon a time I was in love, I know so because i felt it and I still have a relationship with this person. Guess what, I still love her. The sad part is I know we’ll probably never be together in a boyfriend girlfriend type relationship. Ill also love this girl until the day I die, and I wish I could tell you why. The whole reason I’m doing this blog is to find out some more about myself and sports far I’ve found out that I do want to be in love. Although Ive never been in a real relationship I long for love. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think how different my life would be if I knew who she was. That kills me. What’s weird is I know love can come in many different forms. Hopefully one day I find my love because I know thats what I need to be happy. Love to me is the most important thing in life to me. I don’t love a lot a lot of things but what I do love, I love the fuck out of them. Pretty much what I’m trying to say is that when you love something, really love it. Also if my future wife reads this I want YOU to know that everything Im doing right now is for our kids because even though they’re not here yet theres nothing more I love than them.


Today I

Again asked myself who I am but still got no answer. I don’t know what it is but every once in a while in social settings I just tense up and don’t know what to do. Even when I’m around good people that I like and that Im usually comfortable around  I feel like sometimes Ill say something dumb that I wasn’t supposed to say that ruins the moment, or even makes the group setting a bit more awkward. Then my solution in those  situations is to talk to myself and say “it’s all good just do you King” but I don’t know who King really is. Besides all of that today I had a good day, enjoyed life a little, did some productive things as well as some gnarly things. I hope everyone had a great day and I’m looking forward to writing you again. Thanks for reading, talk to you soon bye bye.

Still Taking About Exams

So Im about to go fail an exam and I’m okay with it. The education system they have in place is silly. The worst part about it is that the people behind the system know it doesn’t work but yet don’t make any valid attempt to fix it. Everyone who’s ever been a student knows the incredible pressure thats put on them come the end of semesters. And everyone does the same thing because we think we have more time than we do. Ive woken up too many times and just said fuck, because I had only left myself with one day to study. Then that day is entirely  consumed by school. But we all do it anyway and that day sucks its filled with stress and just not very many good feelings. We finish up our exams and are mental and physically exhausted with no motivation to do anything. And the worst part is no one ever remembers anything they studied after the exam so it all adds up to be a waste of time. Four years of somewhat relevant information and an incredible amount of stress to maybe get a job and work 9-5 everyday looking forward to retirement.  If you want that awesome go get it do it work hard and be proud Im just slowly figuring out that I don’t fit in the system. If you are going to go to school know that grades do not define your intelligence. As long as you are productive everyday in any path you choose and really try hard good things will happen for you. Have patience in success but just enjoy your everyday in the meantime. Follow your dreams kids because in our world today anything is possible everything depends on you and what you want. Once you figure out what you want just go get it, it’s that simple.

Exam Season

Good day to everyone hope everything is well. This morning I’m sitting in my favourite hang out spot on campus just doing stuff before my exam. So I go to the university in my city so I’m still living at home with my parents and don’t own a vehicle. Its all good though everything worked out pretty well because my mom works across the street from thew university so most of the time conveniently I just hop in with her. The only thing is that I now run on her schedule. Because of that I found myself with a lot of time to kill this year. Well, not necessarily time to kill but just awkward time frames where I didn’t have enough time to do anything but to much time to do nothing if that makes any sense.  Now I know university is supposed to be a great time to form new relationships and try new things. I love trying new things, in fact I believe experience is the best form of knowledge. When I had first come to university the I thought the atmosphere was so cool ,which it is in a way. Its nice to walk around campus when the sun is out, but where I live for most of the school year you want to avoid the outside world as much as possible. Back to the whole making friends thing, there are a lot of people at most post secondary schools and a lot of them are probably very interesting. Everything is weird though, to me its like being in a big city where theres so many people but everyone is so independent. For the most part I’ve noticed that people here kind of just do their own thing and keep to themselves. Probably because its 2017 and its to easy to avoid face to face interaction by just entertaining themselves with the robots everyone carries in their pockets. Maybe its just me but I had a really tough time building relationships here. I couldn’t find a reason to connect with anyone outside of the class. Don’t get me wrong I’ve met some cool people that I’m glad to have been acquainted with but I wouldn’t say I’ve made a friend here. So most of my days were spent alone with my laptop and some headphones, and Im okay with that. Maybe this just isn’t where I’m supposed to be. It’s definitely not where I want to be so a lot of my brain space lately has been consumed by making a change. I always want to be moving forward and I feel like being in school is a four year stand still. A four year stand still that cost thirty thousand dollars.  So I have a lot of thinking to do, but more work to do before I can make a solid decision. With that being said Ill keep you posted on whats going on. But right now I should probably do a little bit of studying for my phIlosophy exam. Yeah a philosophy exam I don’t know thats going to work either but ill do it I guess. Thanks for reading I really appreciate  it hope you all have a wonderful day.

What I Know About Me

This is the post excerpt.

Hello my name is King Gil-Alfau and I’ve decided to start a blog, yay. I’m not quite sure what you guys are going to mostly see on my blog yet because I’m not quite sure what I even want to do. Don’t get me wrong I know theres a couple things in this world that I love. I guess the real question that I don’t have the answer to yet is what do I want my life to look like.

So right now I’m eighteen years old living in a somewhat smaller city in northern Ontario. I grew up here with my two parents and younger sister, along with a few really good pets a long the way. There is nothing about my childhood that I could complain about, I was just a joyful fat kid that loved having a good time and for the most part thats what I did. At an early age I fell in love with sports, mostly baseball and basketball but I also dabbled in the more extreme stuff like skateboarding and box biking but I was never really good at those. I carried my love of sports and some friendships I had made into what so far has been the most crucial part of my story which was high school. High school was bonkers for me and I knew it was going to be even before I had gotten there. You see my dad is the principal at my local high school, and yeah at first I thought it was going to suck like any kid probably would. Having my dad in that position was one of the main reasons why my time in high school was fucking great. Within the first few months I had fallen in love and thought that those four years were never going to end. Everything had started off so strong for me. In the first week of school we had formed a super group of friends that just took control of the school. We started winning championships and just enjoyed what we did together everyday and that continued on for most of the rest of high school. Towards the end of high school I started o realize that I wasn’t going to be there for ever and so were a lot of my friends. Naturally things started to change and I started to wonder who I was then and what kind of person I was going to be after high school. There I was a grade twelve student soon to be facing important decisions and I realized I was no where near the same person I was when I had started this journey. I had stepped out a little bit and found my own interests in life like fashion and culture of all sorts, and I still am interested in these today. Thinking I knew what I wanted to do I went university. I didn’t really know what I was expecting but it isn’t what I would like it to be. But I’m almost at the end of my first year now and  feel like I’m back at phase one.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m still not 100% sure of who I really am but I’m trying to find out so I can do what I want to do with the lifetime given to me. This is all part of helping the cause. My goal is to be as raw as I can with you guys and in doing that find out what King Gil-Alfau is really all about. Im exited to share new and old stories with whoever may read these post, but I’m also exited to discover new things along the way. But I will talk to guys soon thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!