Someone To Talk To

I love people, well for the most part. I love how different everybody is and all the different things they can offer to the world. What interest me the most about people is how they choose to interact and bond with others. Something that’s been on my mind a lot lately is self disclosure. To self disclose means to open up and share a personal detail of yourself with someone else, this is how relationships begin and grow. Recently I’ve also learnt the importance of having someone to talk to and having an output for your thoughts. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this it’s just been on my mind lately and I wanted to fill you guys in because I want to build a relationship with my readers. Therefore I will do my best to self disclose myself with you always because I appreciate you guys being my someone to talk to.


Hey King, How You Feeling?

Good day everyone I hope all is well. Summertime is now upon me and yeah it’s exiting but this summer isn’t going to be like any other summer I’ve had. I’m grown up enough now and my responsibilities have finally outweighed well everything. Things are no longer changing in my life, now life’s officially much different. Which puts me in a weird space where I guess overall I’m just confused. Lately identifying my emotions has been somewhat of a struggle. Being aware of this has made me start to think about solutions to this problem. I finally realized that it comes down to being honest with yourself about what you’re feeling in any situation. And by that I mean don’t worry about anyone or anything for a moment and tell yourself how you feel. It is too easy to get distracted and run far away from what you’re actually feeling. It’s time for me to start always being honest with myself about my emotions before I start getting swept away and further confused by other peoples feelings.