Youth & Money?

As a young adult, one of the biggest challenges I face is learning how to be responsible with money. I don’t know how to do this, I’ve never had my own money before or things to pay for. As a kid, if you wanted to do something it would go one of both ways, either your parents would give you money to go to what you wanted or it was time to get creative and have fun for four hours with whatever you had in your garage. So here’s the dilemma now, I’m still young and want to do things but my parents no longer give me money for that (which isn’t expected), but having ”garage fun” isn’t really a thing at my age or even that much of a thing for kids in 2017. Everyone at my age is always wanting to go out and do things, whereas most things cost money now. Now we face a decision of whether or not we want to use the money to enjoy being young or try to save it in hopes of eventually making more money for our futures. Like everything else in life, the solution is to have the right balance of both. I guess balancing your money is easier said than done but one step I am going to take in attempts to have a better balance is finding out what I want to support with my money, and only spend my money on products and other things that I support. That’s how I plan on saving a little bit more money, how do you save your money? Do you have any fun activities that don’t cost any money? Let me know, comment below or reach me at any of my social media links that should be to the right of this article. Thanks have a great day!



I want to start this one off by letting you guys know that I’m writing this outside enjoying the sun having a drink and overall just feeling good but more importantly inspired. Inspiration is so important, everything you do is inspired by something wether you know it or not. My best friend put it in the best terms when he said ” you have to go out and live life to get inspired, because if you don’t find inspiration somewhere in life you’ll never do anything” that really made a lot of sense to me. The best part about inspiration is that you don’t get to choose what inspires you, it just kind of finds you. All you have to do then is except it. I count myself as very lucky because I have someone in my life that inspires me everyday, and working with him makes me a lot more exited about life. Inspiration is everywhere just find out what it is for you and embrace the fuck out of it. To wrap this one up I want to thank all of you for inspiring me to continue writing simply by reading what I write, and I also want to give a huge thank you to the person that inspired this post. You know you you are brother man, love you hommie.

Just Simply Doing

Hey everyone hope all is well. So Ill assume you read the title of this post but if not feel free to look up now and do so. All good? cool, so I’m fairly new to the world of “doing” but so far it’s treating me well. What I mean when I say doing is just being productive in my own way. One thing I’ve noted from being a do-er is that the world really brightens up, and I myself seem to be a lot more exited about life. You see I went through a time not to long ago where I found myself hating more things in life than I liked, and that really sucked. The one day I realized we live in a time where opportunity is LITERALLY in the air, so I made the decision to try and take advantage of that and became a do-er. Since that decision was made yeah there are a few more items on the to do list everyday. But because I can look back at then end of most days and say I sincerely enjoyed what I did that day, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Once again thank you for reading I appreciate all of you.