My First Night Out

So my birthday always falls on May long weekend which is a great time for a birthday. This year was my nineteenth making me of age to drink, So the normal thing to do when you turn nineteen is to go out to the bars. May long weekend is one of the most popular time of the year to go camping so the bars were dead. I didn’t end up going to the bar for my birthday, but a few days after my curiosity got to me so a few of my friends took me out. When I first arrived everything was pretty much how I had imagined it would be, loud, a lot of people, and I knew it was going to have a distinct smell.  Amongst all that, there were many pretty ladies, and you know how I feel about pretty girls. But that night was a little different, had a few drinks in me and was definitely prepared to mingle a little bit. The thing is at the bar there’s no talking, no only yelling in each other’s ears. I got over that pretty quick. The second half of the night was spent at a strip club/bar, and my goodness was I ever confused. When I walked in there I was having trouble identifying my emotions. I spent maybe an hour there and just couldn’t understand what I was seeing or where I was. So all in all the bar experience was good just strange. I don’t plan on spending too much money or time there, but it’s definitely a place where wild thing can and do happen.